About The Coach -

My Story

My name is Frances Kelleher, I’m a  Life and Dating Coach with a qualification from Kingstown College Co. Dublin in Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching.

Like you I have tried things that wasted my time and money. My life’s path has allowed me to discover many insights, skills and experiences of how, not just to survive life, but to live the life you want. I ask thought-provoking questions and listen with an open, kind and non-judgemental heart.

My passion is bringing out the best in people and helping them discover their full potential, so they can live with true purpose. I have a result driven approach and have used these techniques in my own life with great success.

There is nothing that we cannot overcome with perseverance, support and hope.

What is Life Coaching
Life coaching is a practice that enables you to make changes in your life. It supports you in your voyage of achieving your goals. It allows you to gain more clarity, control, passion and achievement in your life. It can help you build better relationships.

Ultimately coaching helps bring to the surface all your power, resources and hidden answers that are within, so you can live the passionate life you are destined for.

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