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Frances Kelleher | Dating Coach & Dating Expert | Ireland

Frances Kelleher Coaching

Multi-Award Winning Coach

My Story

Hi! My name is Frances now happily married to the man of my dreams but I know how you feel as I was once where you are now.

Are you beyond exhausted from the search for the missing person, the person you just can’t seem to find, the one that can change your life?

Do you have whiplash from all the swiping on dating apps? Do you keep thinking why has it not happened for me?

I’m here to tell you take heart. You just have not met that person YET.

Stop telling yourself it will happen and instead make it happen. Stop spending time on the wrong people that don’t appreciate you and wasting precious time that you could be spending with the person of your dreams sharing a life together.

The only way to kill negative feelings be it fear, doubt, worry, loneliness and lack of confidence is by taking action.

Ultimately coaching helps bring to the surface all your power, resources and hidden answers that are within, so you can live the passionate life you are destined for.

Would you like me to provide dating advice for you?


Where I show you how to double your dates, have a fantastic online profile, and how to build attraction!