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Frances Kelleher | Dating Coach & Dating Expert | Ireland

Frances Kelleher Coaching

Multi-Award Winning Coach


“I have just met someone only after 2 weeks of doing your course and we are even planning the summer together.I ts mad but in a great way! Thanks so much, I am so happy!”

Anna, Dublin

“I need to thank Frances so much for all her help. I found myself constantly picking the wrong men and let myself be treated badly, relationship after relationship.  I felt lost and had no hope of ever finding real love.  Meeting Frances has thought me so much about myself and how little value I was putting on me as a person.  

She has brought me on such a journey that I don’t ever see myself ‘settling’ or being a doormat for a man ever again. Outside of any relationship, for my life as a whole,she has thought me exactly what I’m worth and I’ve learnt so much these are now life lessons i will bring with me.

Take that 1st step to finding true happiness,which we all know we deserve. If doing the same thing and following the same pattern isn’t working for you, then change your life by taking charge, Frances is the lady to help you do that and find real love from a fantastic partner,a partner that you deserve, who will give you the world.

Frances was like a fortune teller,she knows the brain of a man in such a way, I cannot explain it! She knows the real meaning to what they say and do. Her positive attitude changed my attitude and she made me see the strong, amazing woman I was hiding away all these years.  Best thing I’ve ever done was to put my trust in her coaching advice.  Highly recommend Frances to anyone!!”

S.B., Kerry

“Having made contact with Frances I was so happy I did. I attended her confidence course which really helped me remove any blocks I had built up for many years. Frances friendly straightforward approach made me feel I was speaking with my best friend. She really helped me find my inner confidence again and I’m now actively dating and loving it! Book a session with Frances, it’s the best thing I did. Thank you Frances.”

Ann, Kerry

“I have been doing sessions with Frances for a couple of months now and she has been amazing. The sessions have been very beneficial and have helped me so much. Frances is always at the other end of the phone when I need to talk to her, she responds very quickly and each response is always helpful and informative. She is so caring and also honest. I’m looking forward to continuing our sessions.”


“Frances was invaluable as a dating coach . I was a few months out of a important relationship and  my self esteem was  low  when I noted and met my namesake . Frances coached me on my photos and profile and gave me the extra zip I needed with the most helpful advice on dating online . Within a few weeks I have attracted the most dating invitations  I ever have  and my confidence is completely restored . Thank you Frances for your guidance and support – your advice is much appreciated.”


“Frances is an enthusiastic, warm and honest coach. I worked with Frances over the course of 3 sessions and found her to be supportive and encouraging. As a result I feel more confident and assured in my approach to dating.”


“I would like to say a big thank you to Frances for all the help I received over a 6 week period. Frances stayed in close contact with me every day and would often reach out to me first to see how I was doing.  

Frances gave me great advice and encouragement to redeem my situation which I often felt was hopeless.  It really felt like a had a close friend in my corner rooting for me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Frances Kelleher, Thanks for everything.”


“It’s been a real pleasure working with Frances to navigate all the challenges of dating and finding the one. I guarantee working with Frances will change your life for the better.”


“Not only does Frances have the kindest soul , she is the most positive and uplifting person I’ve ever gotten the chance to meet. She is undoubtedly a book of knowledge when it comes to her field. Her positivity is contagious and she has helped me tremendously throughout my journey.

She has helped me see the good in all of the difficult situations in my life and has helped me look at life as a glass half full instead of half empty. My confidence has grown so much since speaking with her and I am forever grateful!

She really is amazing!!”

S  Ireland

“Frances I have some news for you. I think you might be able to predict the future! You were right all along, I met a great guy there  two month ago for a date and it’s been going brilliant ever since. He’s lovely. There’s no crap with him, he’s always telling me how much he likes me and how he cant wait to see me again and I feel the exact same. We made it official last week so unfortunately I don’t need your services again. Thank you so much for all your help, it helped me so much and I am really grateful. Like I said the last time, I have recommended to you loads of my friends so I’m hoping that they will reach out to you too cause I can’t rate you highly enough! Thanks so much again, hope you have a lovely weekend.”


“You are magical Frances, how wonderful you are!” 

Priya USA.

“Before I came to Frances, I didn’t really know where I was going wrong in my dating life. I just thought that I was undesirable and no matter what I tried, that wasn’t going to change. However, Frances not only taught me how to interact better with women/update my dating profile etc, she showed me how to completely change my mindset, which surprisingly will help you not only with your dating life, but life overall. While I only done 3 sessions with her, don’t underestimate the amount of work and improvement that can happen with just those three. I thoroughly recommend her for anyone who is completely lost or anyway unhappy with their dating life as she gives practical and proven advice which will undoubtedly help.”


“I recently had a one to one appointment with Frances in relation to being confused by a guy’s behaviour and really appreciate her honest, insightful advice. She reminded me of the need to protect my self worth and step into my feminine energy. Frances is very friendly and wants you to meet a partner that fulfils your needs”.

“Frances has great knowledge in the area of dating and life coaching. She shared with me lots of useful tips and hints that helped me follow my intuition, trust God’s plan, and stop wasting time on dating men who aren’t right for me. I would highly recommend working with Frances to anyone who is looking for advice and guidance in dating and other areas of their life. Thanks for everything, Frances!”

– Monika (Ireland)

“Frances is the Dating App Whisperer with an uncanny sense of the right things to say or not say. She’s as lovely as she is wise.”

Susan, New York

“Frances ignited me to trust myself, look within and find my hearts desires based on loving smartly and finding love with a partner who has similar values to myself. I learned to put myself first, not to sit on the fence and to make love my priority. I gained a core confidence, clarity and learned to accept and have respect for myself. Trusting myself created a flow and ease and less fear of being rejected. It allowed me to have no regrets, enjoy the process, build on connections and opened up my eyes to the opportunities available to me. As a result I have met a new partner with excellent values and we are creating new memories together. The deal breaker for me to open my heart was that Frances allowed me to re-frame, self-protect and make things become reality through positive new life experiences. Frances has made a huge impact to my life through her coaching and I’m happier than I’ve ever been as a result. I am forever grateful.”

Gerard, Cork

“Frances is a natural, a guiding light every step of the way, so genuine, warm and interested.  I was very comfortable working with Frances, we achieved lots and had great fun.  Thanks Frances, you have excellent relationship building skills and definitely go the extra mile.”


“Frances sees things that other people don’t see in people.”

N.B   U.SA.

“I was lost when I reached out to Frances Kelleher. I wasn’t sure what to expect but my time on the “Capture the Heart” programme has been quite beneficial. We got to the heart of where I was going wrong and she showed me ways I could change. Frances threw a lot of information out in our sessions but all was simple to understand. I have a long way to go from the confidence level I want but I’ve been put on the right path thanks to Frances.” 

Declan, Dublin

“In the past it was always assumed by myself that a man always had to say something amazing to a woman on the approach but I have learned after completing the course with Frances that approaching women is not nearly as complicated as I thought. Frances gave very clear information about what women want to feel and hear from a man. I have gained a better understanding of how to act accordingly around women.I feel more confident in the dating game ,prepared with the knowledge and knowing what signals to look out for from the opposite sex, on when to approach and what to say. Getting a prospective from a woman’s point of view on what women are looking for and desire in a relationship can prevent wrongful actions, with less chance of letting the woman of your dreams slip through your fingers.”

Kieran, Cavan 

“Frances helped me overcome my fears. She guided me through my obstacles. She broadened my view point and gave me support when I needed it most. Frances’ coaching has got me to where I want to be and without it I believe I’d still be where I was.”


“Coaching with Frances helped motivate me and got me super focused on what it was I was working towards. Her warmth and genuineness helped me to feel that my goals were also important to her. I got results that I am proud of. I highly recommend Frances for coaching.”

Susan Browne 

“Frances has been a huge support. I have really been on a journey and I got quick results. I was excited about the sessions. I really trusted Frances with each session. I had the structure, fluidity and tools to empower myself and my business. I feel re-energised and ready for the most magnificent year ever!”

Amanda Friel

“Only for meeting Dating Coach Frances Kelleher I would not have succeeded. I had met girls out but found it hard to get dating. I was not making any progress in my love life. I was on dating sites and getting nowhere. I was in a bad way by March and googled Dating Coach and came across Frances Kelleher. She advised me about online dating and by God by May I had met a girl. 

I would not have got anywhere only for Frances Kelleher. She was amazing , a wonderful coach! It was the only thing that worked for me. She changed my life and I cannot praise it enough.”

Mike, Cork

“Frances greatly improved my social skills around women. She finds out your strengths/talents as a person and awakens your charm you once had. She will guide you through the path of attracting and dating a person. Frances you re  good! Have a look at this video and know that you are a “good” Dating Coach.”

Anthony,  Kerry

“Frances is amazing at what she coaches, she instills confidence & belief in you. Forget the Rest Frances is the Best.”

John, Cork

“Frances is a very clever and intuitive person that will quickly see your strengths and weaknesses and help you boost your confidence and achieve tangible objectives.

It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience with women, or if you want to avoid them because they broke your heart, deceived, cheated, took advantage and lied to you… Frances is very sensitive and will know how to help to regain your strength.

She knows many different people, and knows that there are plenty of amazing people that suffered the same as you.

And if you look to meet real people, she is really effective and will provide amazing advice that works. For men and women.

I read her articles, listened to the radio and watched her on tv, where she appears periodically, so I was sure I would learn a lot. However I didn’t expect her to be so skilled in new technologies and to provide so effective advice.

From working with her I can tell she is a very warm person that will read inside you and try to help by providing what you need, and the most accurate guidance for you, no matter if you are very shy, or even if you have a small budget.

There is hope.”

C.M. – Cork

“I wanted to thank you for your insight, knowledge and kindness.  As a 50 year old entering the dating world after a 25 year marriage, I was lost.  Your insight into communication levels, staying on my masculine side and dating without  being outcome based, was invaluable.   I know it will help me attract the right kind of partner I want in my life.  Thank you again and I look forward to our ongoing relationship!”

Kevin, Toronto Canada

“I came across Frances through the Dating Coach Live and, from the very first moment, I loved her courtesy, attentive listening and empathy. Nothing compares to talking to someone about the issue you are currently facing and, before any words come out, getting a sincere smile in return. In a very generous manner, Frances has provided me with wise and sensible pieces of advice in order to better approach the lady I am into. Whenever Frances follows-up with you, she does it in a tactful and compassionate manner, just like she does when speaking. Above all, the fact that someone sincerely expresses that they believe in you is an unforgettable gesture. Thank you, Frances!”

M. C., Costa Rica

“Frances is excellent. She really got me to think about how I can make positive changes and have a positive outlook. 

She inspired me, helped me focus and helped me develop clear goals.”

G.O.B., Dublin

“I wish I had found Frances sooner. She truly has a passion for what she does. She devotes so much of herself to me as a client and truly cares about my well-being. 

I love how open she is and so easy to talk to. She tells you the truth even when it hurts. However, she puts so much belief in everything will work out even on the days when you don’t want to get up. 

In the time I have been working with her I feel like I am growing as a person not only in my love life but with my confidence. Life is hard and it’s really nice to have someone who believes in you, cares about you and pushes you to believe the best is yet to come.

I am so excited to continue working with her and I feel like she goes above and beyond with her clients and deserves so much. My future is brighter since I have had her come into my life.”


“I wanted to thank you for your insight, knowledge and kindness.  As a 50 year old entering the dating world after a 25 year marriage, I was lost.  Your insight into communication levels, staying on my masculine side and dating without  being outcome based, was invaluable.   I know it will help me attract the right kind of partner I want in my life.  Thank you again and I look forward to our ongoing relationship!  Kevin Toronto Canada. 🇨🇦

Kevin Nash, Canada

“Frances has a great energy about her and an ability to put you at ease, any doubts I had were talked through leaving me feeling more confident by the end of the session. I got good advice and clear strategies to face the online dating world and tips for meeting a partner in person. I’m most definitely more hopeful. If you’re considering booking a session just go for it, you won’t be disappointed.”

RM, Ireland

“Since signing up for the course with Frances, my whole mindset towards dating has totally changed. Frances taught me the all important skills needed to succeed at attracting women into my life. 

I am very grateful for all the help and advice she gave to put me back on track!”

T.M, Ireland

“I decided to get in contact with frances when I was really stressed out over so many areas of my life. After just one session felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. After only 2 sessions I feel so much more prepared for whatever may come my way. Frances is so easy to talk to and made me feel so at ease and comfortable. Thank you so much Frances!”

M.B., Ireland

It was my first ever discussion with a dating coach and I am more than glad that I came across Frances. She was super lovely, attentive to my story and understanding. She did her best to help me with my actual problem. Her intervention was really special and helpful because a few minutes after her call, me and my boyfriend reunited again.️ I consider her as my lucky star.

Thank you Frances!”

Sira, Greece

“Francis was amazing in helping me see some blind spots that I had in my dating life, address some mistakes I was making and really helped improve my mentality for overcoming stumbling blocks. Really enjoyed the sessions and would definitely recommend.”

C.H., Dublin 

“Frances is full of wisdom and an amazing guiding light who helped me navigate the dating world after a break up. She has given me the skills, confidence and belief that my man is out there waiting for me and not to settle. It was a lovely experience to work with her.”


“I felt helped and heard by Frances from the outset. Plenty of tips, advice and pointers were given to where I was at and suggestions given on how to proceed. I now feel more encouraged and empowered to move forward more positively with regards contact with a potential significant other and look forward to developing a special relationship very soon 

Many thanks Frances!”

Brian, Dublin

“Frances helps me, fabulously guiding me through the disconcerting ways of dating!  Thank you so much for your assistance!”

Jeanette, Germany

“I’ve met Frances a few times one thing I must say she is one of the most helpful person I’ve ever worked with. She so friendly down to earth and helpful. I would highly her . She ‘s one of the best. Thanks for everything.”

Mark, Cork

“Frances is a lovely lady to deal with, she’s genuinely  kind and caring and knowledgeable in all aspects of dating. She gave me some great advice and tips.”


“Being an introverted type of person, dating and attracting girls seemed beyond me. I observed many cocky guys getting women and believed that I would need to become like this or convey this persona in order to get a girl that I liked. 

I has so many doubts and insecurities from past experiences and also from a lack of action on my part that I googled dating coach ireland and up popped Frances Kelleher. 

What struck me about Frances based on first impressions is that she is very pleasant and just easy to talk to. Frances taught me that I don’t need my personality at all in order to attract a girl, but to change that negative voice in my own head that was holding me back. I discovered that as an introvert, that I can in fact bring some value to dating, by being more accepting and embracing my introverted nature. Quiet people have the most to say as they are always observing things and can offer fresh points of views and new ways of looking at things. 

Frances has also given me a much clearer picture into the female mind and how attraction works for women, which I found to be very interesting and hugely beneficial. 

Frances has also given me valuable tips and suggestions on my online dating profile and how it can grab the attention of a female audience and I am delighted to say that I am now seeing positive results from this. 

As someone who is quiet / introverted by nature, I am now moving forward in my dating life free from self doubt and insecurities and more confident in my ability to attract a girl into my life. 

For any person reading this and who feels that they need advice in dating or for any -person that is introverted by nature and feels that this is holding them back in dating and attracting the person that they might like, I would highley recommend Frances. She is excellent and very professional in what she does and has a great attention to detail.  Thanks again Frances.”

Donal, Dublin 

“Frances provides an excellent service, well worth the money, and i am so glad i found her, she certainly helped me to no end in my quest to find love and happiness. Found her to be very approachable, easy to communicate with, and was with me , every step of the way.Knows her job very well, and replies to all text messages, and emails, in a very prompt efficient manner. Could not recommend her highly enough.”

Paul, Cavan

“I would not be where I am now in am, in a loving, great relationship without Frances.”


“Frances is an amazing person and I cannot thank her enough. Always encouraging and thoughtful in her coaching techniques. Have no doubt that she will put you on the right road with her expertise and commitment to each individual’s situation. She will also fill you with confidence and renewed energy for the rollercoaster that is the dating world with her practical and straight forward advice. Her affirmations are an immense help also and can be applied to everyday life. One of the best decisions you will make, if like me you are struggling in the dating game to find that special someone, will be to contact Frances for reassurance, guidance and support. Frances is an inspiration in life.

Michael, Kildare  

“Frances service is what I would call essential to the modern dater. She is non judgemental and gives unbiased replies. We all need this and sometimes our own friends are not in a position to give this cause they are emotionally attached too. Frances says it how it is and she is the life coach in the love game. Highly recommend her for common practical straight forward talking and advise.”

Girl from Dublin

“You give me the power to be where I am now. The power to turn off my negative thinking and stop my brain from over thinking. I could not be where I am now only for you. Thanks you so much.”

D.C. Tipperary, Ireland

“I have only just started dating again for the first time in many years and have found Frances to be an invaluable help.

She is so easy to talk to and put me at my ease straight away.

Her wonderful advice has prevented me from making many basic errors and her support has given me the confidence to embrace and enjoy dating again.

I have no doubt now that I will meet someone suitable and be in a wonderful loving relationship before long.”


“Frances is lovely, genuine person. she really guided me and helped me with my situation. I really felt I was able to be open and honest with her. At the end of our session, I felt a lot clearer about things with a better understanding of relationships.  I look forward to another session together.”

Thanks, Aoife

“Everything you recommend works like magic, thanks so much.”

P.J., Dublin

“Taking one of Frances courses was something I had been thinking about for a while and after a lot of thought I decided to go for it and sign up for one. It was the best decision I made. She was really warm and gentle with every call and put me at ease straight away. In our sessions she really got down to what were the root causes that were holding me back in my love and dating life. She put a plan in place to help me overcome my boundaries which were holding me back and boost my confidence as a person. France educated me on how I can be better when it comes to dating, how best to interact with women and the signs that I need to be watching out for. By the end of it I took a lot from and I am glad that I signed up to work with Frances. I would definitely recommend her courses to anyone.”

R.R., Dublin

“When I started working with Frances, I had one simple objective: to improve my dating skills. Frances is an extremely talented and intuitive coach; she has a natural ability for identifying issues. Her warm, friendly, and supportive style of coaching immediately appealed to me, and whilst I did not have super high expectations at the beginning, I was confident that Frances approach would get the best out of me. With her support and encouragement, I embarked on my dating journey, she made each session and time in between feel like fun rather than hard work. I developed a winning mindset and became more proactive in my love life. Frances armed me with the tools, strategies, techniques, and knowledge to be successful in the world of dating. Thanks to Frances I am now dating a wonderful guy and I look forward to what the future has in store for us.”


“Frances was amazing from start to finish during our session. She’s so friendly and easy to open up to, I felt comfortable speaking with her straight away. She figured out within 10/15 minutes of speaking with me when I was going wrong and how I could go about addressing this. She also had great tips and advice for dating and general outlook in life in general. I can’t recommend her highly enough; I’ve already recommended her to a couple of friends who I think she would be really able to help also.” 

Elaine, Dublin

“I would highly recommend signing up for Frances’ “Find the 1 with 3 ,happy ever after” package. The sessions are really enjoyable, she gives invaluable advice on getting dates and avoiding time wasters. I’ve found the messaging support to  be really helpful too.

If you haven’t found the one you need to do this.”


“Frances gave me the confidence to get out dating and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and everyone I met up with. 

I found someone 5 weeks ago that I clicked with immediately and am now in an amazing relationship with.

She is a lovely caring person, with similar values and interests, and has already introduced me to all her family and friends.

Life is feeling great!

Thank you so very much for all your wonderful help and support.”


“I found the course very helpful and informative. Frances was great at helping to boost your confidence to go out into the dating world.”


“First of all I would like to say Thank you Frances, the help, tips and advice she gave me was second to none. From the minute you start talking to Frances she’ll put you at ease straight as she is so easy to talk to. Before I got onto Frances, I was in a cycle of “download, delete & repeat”  regarding dating apps and the odd time I did end up messaging a girl, it fizzled out after a couple of days even before I could get the date.  Now with her amazing help I’m getting the date with the girl I want. Even though she’s a dating coach, some of the stuff she has taught me I was able to transfer to other aspects of my life which I was able to improve which was also holding me back from dating. I cannot recommend her enough to people who need help, I felt embarrassed asking for her help but now I am sorry I didn’t get onto her sooner!! 

Frances Thank you!”

Brian, Kerry

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