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RSVP – How to date during the Coronavirus

RSVP - How to date during the Coronavirus

During these unprecedented and turbulent times where people are in quarantine, it’s easy to feel depressed and hopeless about ever finding the right person for you. Some people feel it is the worst thing that could happen to their dating lives and that it makes this difficult quest even harder. I believe the opposite. I feel this is the best thing to happen to dating in years, especially online dating.

“This virus will make us see that in the end all that really matters is our relationships and love.”

People have even told me that they see now that it doesn’t matter what car a guy drives, what he does or how much money he makes. It’s about him being there for you and looking after you in times like these and sickness. It’s about having someone with a god heart that you can depend on. People have also said that this situation has just made them realise how lonely they are and how much having a partner can make a difference in their lives. I feel this pandemic will make people more serious about finding a real relationship, that they will treat potential partners with more respect and that it will make people much more willing to give up the swipe.

During this golden opportunity that is this quarantine people should use it to their advantage. Work on yourself,what you want and come out the best version of yourself. Emerge a butterfly. Read books on the opposite sex and make your online profile the best that it can be. For instance update your online photo. Research has shown that photos with pets e.g dogs in them fair much better. Right now you should be online and connecting with the people you feel a connection with. Online dating is on fire right now. In times of change and crisis the way to survive is to adapt and adjust, be it in business, nature or love.

For instance, the Alaskan wood frog freezes its body. Antarctic fish have antifreeze in their bodies. In our case now we need to date online. We need to be having virtual coffees and dinners and people should be gearing up for meeting potential partners in real life once this is all over. Since this virus hit dating apps are reporting an huge increase in messaging and connecting. So here are a few tips to get you started.

First impressions
If it’s in real life or online first impressions are still huge. Have the background nice and neat and limit clutter. No one wants to give the first impression that their life is a mess! Look your best.You don’t
have to dress to the nines like a real life date but just because it is a virtual date doesn’t mean you arrive on screen in PJ’s!

Suggest a virtual date
If a guy asks you to break the quarantine rules and asks you to meet him, you can suggest a virtual date instead. That way he won’t feel rejected and you are building the rapport and connection for when you can meet him.

Keep in short and sweet
I know the days can be long and boring in quarantine but don’t let this think you can stay online for hours on a date. You don’t want this person to think you have no life or other interests. Don’t get too deep too fast. Keep the mystery,build the passion and antication for when you meet them in real life.

Hang out together
If you’ve met someone and had a few real dates or even just had a few virtual dates you could just hang out together.You could be doing a bit of work, he could be reading his book or what not and you would be in view of each other on your devices. Just being together or hanging out together online stops the loneliness and feeling alone. You don’t necessarily have to do something to just be. You are in each others company.

If you need help with finding the right partner contact me.