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Frances Kelleher | Dating Coach & Dating Expert | Ireland

Frances Kelleher Coaching

Multi-Award Winning Coach

2021-22 Edition TOP DATING COACHES By Coach Foundation

Coach Foundation gathers top dating coaches across the world! The best in the industry who have their own unique way of helping their clients navigate these often tricky aspects of life, dating, and relationships.

Dating and relationships are a large and important part of all our lives. Most people I know, have a real desire to meet one person that they have a connection with mentally, physically, and emotionally. To meet that person that has their back no matter what. I think people longed for this because love brings out the best in us as humans, and we flourish when we feel we are special to someone. However, they can also be one of the trickier aspects of life. One wrong move can turn the whole story upside down.

Like a lot of things in life, having a strategy can make all the difference. You want to use a strategy that will entice the person you want. You want to find that person as quickly and easily as you can. Because let’s face it chemistry is a mysterious thing that can take time to find. Therefore, I always say to people do you what you need to do to find that special person. For instance, if you feel you need more confidence then work on your confidence every day in any way you can. If getting fit will make you feel more confident, join a gym. You may also read books, or hire a coach. Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

All of these Top dating coaches in the article below are all helping to bridge this same gap. And it is such an honor to be regarded and chosen as one of these 39 top coaches worldwide. These coaches are the best in the industry and to be among them is both humbling and a privilege. Also, I would like to thank the wonderful Sai Blackburn for his generosity and effort in helping people worldwide.

These coaches have huge experience and their knowledge is invaluable! So have a read to see the many insights that these top coaches have and give your love life a jump start!