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4 Secrets To Attract The Man You Want

4 Secrets To Attract The Man You Want

As an Irish Dating Coach, I get asked frequently by women, “how do I find the right man ?”. Here are 4 secrets to attract the man you want.


I can’t stress how important this is. It seems basic but smiling sends a signal to men that you are approachable. Also, non-threatening which means everything to a guy when he is interested. Make it easy for him and smile. One of the things I hear most from men is they do not know how to approach a woman. A lot of the time the guy has to approach a group of women which is even more daunting. 99% of the time a man will not do this as it’s too much of a risk for him, This brings me onto my next point.

Learn to leave the wolf pack.

Staying in the pack all night is not helping the men who may want to talk to you. It does not encourage men to make a move. Get up and walk around sporadically during your night out. Talk to people. Mingle. It all creates a new network, so you meet new people. Go to the bar and rest room on your own. Give men a chance to talk to you.

Do this and men will not only approach you, but they will feel comfortable talking. They’ll possibly call you over, come over to you and even offer to buy you a drink.

Turn on your green light.

This is probably one of the best kept secrets in the dating world. Yes, the woman can actually make the first move. We send out signals telling a man whether or not it is safe for him to approach. Every woman has a traffic light, as I like to think of it. Its over her head with a red or green light instructing the men what to do. It can say stop where you are (red) or yes you can approach (green). As an example, to show green you should smile and make eye contact. You can look over every now and then and smile. Or when you have made contact, continue to look a little longer before you turn away. These are all ways to turn on and show your green light. Once he does approach you, he then thinks that he has made the first move.

Stay in your feminine energy

Guys hate when a woman is exerting her masculine side. Don’t be insulting, act like you want a fight or be aggressive. Men thrive on feminine energy. It includes encouragement, gentleness, appreciation, acceptance, support and love. Women are champions at expressing all these emotions and men thrive on them. When you are talking a to guy genuinely express all the above. Being feminine lets him shine in his masculine energy. A man wants to find a woman that brings out the best in him. This is what a man lives for and wants from his woman. He wants to feel you want and see his unique light. By good conversation you can bring out the best in a man. Which I can guarantee you is a direct runway to his heart.

Follow these 4 secrets to attract the man you want and you may find who you are looking for.

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