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Curving-new name, same old problem.

There is a new term in dating and it is curving. It is when someone blanks you for a period but then resurrects out of the blue. They are rejecting you just not fully, so they can keep you hanging on for their own selfish use.

For instance, someone that you might have text weeks ago replies to you apologising for the delay in getting back to you. They say how busy they were at work or at washing their football boots etc. to get back to you but they ‘d love to catch up soon. Or the real stinger of a “curving” situation is when you have gone so far as actually planned to meet and they drop you at the last minute. This “curving” has always existed it has just become more prominent and easier to execute with modern day technology. It used to be known as “he s just not that into you”.

I call these men the “catch and release” fishermen. They like having the nice catch on the line to play with and top up the ego but they’ll never reel you in. WARNING-Run as fast as you can from these men. They will waste your life! Just like catch and release hurts fish and 60% of them that are released die, “curving” hurts your confidence, and kills your precious time in finding the right guy. Decades of girls lives, the best years of their youth have been wasted with these “catch and release types. If you see one swim as fast as you can in the opposite direction!

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