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Frances Kelleher | Dating Coach & Dating Expert | Ireland

Frances Kelleher Coaching

Multi-Award Winning Coach

Dating is like buying a house.

You do not buy a house without getting an engineer’s report first. It’s the exact same with dating. You do not put all your faith in one person until you know them. You don’t invest all you your energy, time and effort in them until you can see that they are as committed as you are to the relationship.

Just like a house, you want your life partner to give you shelter when you most need it, be someone you can trust and have a solid foundation with. Most women are very intuitive and emotionally smart so when you see and feel the signs that the man is not giving you these things, move on and find the man who will.

Shelter is a basic human right and I believe so should having a man that gives you the love you know you deserve.

You don’t buy a house with a dodgy structure. Don’t keep giving to a dodgy relationship. It is a waste of time. Just like there are many good houses out there, they are also many good men. You just have to keep hunting.