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Life in general can block you from finding your ideal partner in many ways. I get a lot of questions about this right before Valentine’s Day. The topic of the obstacles in your way of finding love is one I’ve written about before but want to expand on it. Many times these obstacles are created [...]


You do not buy a house without getting an engineer’s report first. It’s the exact same with dating. You do not put all your faith in one person until you know them. You don’t invest all you your energy, time and effort in them until you can see that they are as committed as you […]


Curving-new name, same old problem. There is a new term in dating and it is curving. It is when someone blanks you for a period but then resurrects out of the blue. They are rejecting you just not fully, so they can keep you hanging on for their own selfish use. For instance, someone that [...]



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