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Frances Kelleher | Dating Coach & Dating Expert | Ireland

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So, you have someone that you have great chemistry with. That you connect with and are dating. But are they your forever person? Here are 5 signs that they could be.


  1. You can be yourself with them.

A very important thing in a relationship is that you can be yourself. That you can get that unconditional love from the man or woman that you are with. A positive sign that you are with the right person, is that you can be completely yourself, flaws and all and they accept you. They still love you at your worst.


  1. You have the same values.

Values are what keep a relationship together. If the person you are with is out drinking all night into the wee hours, and you want to have a predictable family life with them it is unlikely it is going to work. Shared values and goals are some of the glue that makes for a lasting union. If they share the same vision as you for the future, it is a good sign that you are compatible with the future.


  1. You are comfortable just hanging out together.

Being comfortable just being with a person and not feeling you have to be doing something or always having a conversation, is a real sign of a deep connection. If you are equally at ease talking for hours or just being together in silence, then they could be the one.


  1. They are your friend.

I would say this is one of the first signs that you are in a healthy, good, and solid relationship where they could be the one. If they treat you as well as your friends do, this shows they have your best interests at heart and not just their own. It means they are a respectful, caring person and they could have what it takes to be the one.


  1. You’ve stopped looking.

If you feel the search is over and you’ve found what you are looking for. This is a very strong sign that you’ve found the one. If you feel you could not find a better person. That he is your best friend, that they are always there for you. And that you do not want anyone else, then this could mean that they are the ones.


You maybe are tired of being alone, and of never finding that love that you know deep down you deserve. Contact me, and let’s get working towards meeting the love of your life!