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How To Meet Someone At Age 50 And Beyond

How To Meet Someone At Age 50 And Beyond

I hear from many people that are older. Many want a lot of the same things as when they were younger. Regardless of age people want someone to love them completely, be kind to them, trust and even laugh with. So, let’s talk about how to meet someone at age 50 and beyond.

Sometimes we think that at this age our chances of finding love are over. I can assure you they are not. I know the pool of people can be smaller but there are still many 50+ people looking just like you for that special person to share their life with. These days with the Western society’s good health care and high standard of food, 50 is really the new 40.

The first thing I would say when trying to meet someone is build your confidence. I see lack of confidence many times as the thing that stops people from putting themselves out there seeking a new partner. Build your confidence anyway you can. Read a book, do a course, start working out or maybe change your diet. Whatever you need to do, commit to it.

The second thing I recommend is to join a group (club, organization, etc.). Do what you enjoy, like a walking club or playing chess group. When you meet people with the same interests there is an immediate feeling that they are like you.

We like people that we feel are like us. This makes it easier to build immediate rapport too.

Hobbies are a great way to end loneliness and network. It can be the spice of life. I joined a knitting class and can’t wait to get there every week. The women there are so generous with their time and knowledge. Many have even offered to baby sit for me. They are some of the most genuine people I have ever met.

The third tip is to volunteer. Volunteering is the best way to get out there and make a difference for you and somebody else. You will meet likeminded, caring people and have a new sense of well-being just knowing you are making a difference. This alone raises your self- esteem and confidence. Always when you give back you receive. It’s just what I call a life law.

The fourth tip I would give is to join the online dating world. It opens up a whole new pool of people and connections. Use it to widen your circle and when you find someone you do connect with, meet them in real life right away. You have to see if there is chemistry there.

The fifth tip is to speak to everyone. This practice will strengthen your social and conversational skills. Go shopping on your own or go have a coffee alone and make conversation with everybody. Then when you do meet someone you like, you’ll be ready and able to charm them off their feet.

Go out right now and buy the famous book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Everyone should have a copy. It’s a fantastic book on how to connect with people and live your best life.

The sixth tip is to go speed dating. I love the concept of speed dating because you are using your instinct and if you have no interest in a certain person you don’t have to spend the whole evening with them. Also, you are meeting a lot of people at once at one event.

I promise you once you get going, getting out and meeting new people, you’ll wonder why you did not start sooner. The first step is the hardest but once you take it you will get braver with every action, more confident and happier. There are 8 billion people on the planet.

Using these tips will help you meet someone at age 50 and beyond.

There is a person out there looking for you too. So, don’t give up.