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Love And Great Dating Are Really All About Good Manners

Love and great dating are really all about good manners

My friend Dennie Smith has set up a dating agency called Old Style Dating. Make sure you join if you are a UK resident. This woman really has her finger on the pulse because I believe dating is coming full circle. People are sick of the rudeness and the impolite behaviour online dating is creating. Love and great dating are really all about good manners.

I’ve observed over my lifetime that the good dates I’ve been on and the good ones that my friends have been on have involved great manners.

Even though people don’t really talk about manners these days everyone really loves good manners. From the guy behind the shop counter that you are buying off to the person you are going on a blind date with. Think about it. Whenever someone has been rude to you or treated you ignorantly, I bet it has been such a turn off. For me I nearly automatically rule someone out if they are rude to me or somebody else as I feel it is a warning sign about that person’s character. I think this is because manners and respect go hand in hand.

People that are charming always have nice manners. Think of George Clooney. Is he not one of the most loved men on earth? It is not just his looks that make him great. He is a gentleman at heart. He stands out as being a man you would be safe and protected with. He is kind and caring. All these traits go along with someone who has manners.

This is also why I am a big believer in not letting the guy pay for everything. If he pays for the meal, I feel the woman should offer to pay for the drinks when you move onto a bar for instance. I have to say I think it is bad manners to expect guys to pay for everything all the time. You would not expect your best friend or sister to pay all the time when you both go out together. Why should you expect that of your partner? It’s so unfair.

People have told me that the best dates they have been on are the ones where the woman and the man were very respectful towards each other and took nothing for granted. They were the dates where women appreciated the dinner the men bought for them and appreciated the man’s effort in arranging the date. They were the dates where the men appreciated the effort a woman went to in looking nice and where the men genuinely cared enough to really listen to what the woman said on the date. Appreciation, effort, and enthusiasm are all constant themes that run through a great dating experience. To me they are the expressions of good manners. Believe me when I say manners are everything|. Bring your manners on a date with you and you are halfway there to love.

Love And Great Dating Are Really All About Good Manners