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Six Signs You’re Dating A Player

Men – just when we think we’ve got one figured out, we realize the guy we think we were dating is nothing but a figment of our imagination and that we actually know as much about men that we did when we were teenagers and fancied the boy who lived two doors down and waved at us once when we were 14. No woman ever wants to be played. We want love to be the game we’re playing where both teams win – but this rarely happens! Spotting a player quickly can save us time, energy, and a serious amount of frustration so we’ve got our resident dating coach Frances Kelleher on hand to give us six tell-tale signs to save you from the heartache of a player. Keep reading to see what Frances had to say…

He seems aloof

“These men can come across as a bit cool and aloof because they are not looking for an emotional connection – just a physical one. Also, a lot of the time players get their way with women without a huge amount of effort on their part, so they feel like they don’t need to exert themselves too much in order to get what they want.

“They are used to getting what they want easily. Also, they do not ask leading questions because they don’t want to get to know the real you. A huge red flag is when the conversations are always superficial and about them.

He keeps you waiting for his response

“This is a classic sign of a player in my opinion. This is because these guys are busy people. They are on their phone a lot because they are texting and connecting with many women at once on different dating platforms and on social media. It’s time-consuming keeping a lot of women on the line at once! Also, he doesn’t treat you as a priority because you are not his one and only.

He zombies or breadcrumbs you

“Most of these men are smart enough and too selfish not to ghost you as this might kick them out of your zone altogether! Instead they zombie or breadcrumb you so they can come and go as they please. These words zombie and breadcrumb are just new words for “stringing you along” and players love a bit of string.” Okay, are we the only ones who didn’t know this was a thing or..?

He blows hot and cold

“One minute you feel like you could be walking up the aisle in a few months and the next he is saying he doesn’t want anything serious. If a guy is all in, he should be getting hotter as time goes on. Men are simple creatures and go after what they want. Be wary of the guy who is always on the fence!

He expects you to chase him

“Again, these men are used to the women doing the running and think that they should n’ t have to work for your attention. A lot of players have big egos. He wants and expects you to do the work to win him over. It should be the opposite. He should be trying to win your acceptance and approval. Men are the hunters. Women are the receivers.

He lies

“This is the last but most obvious one on the list. He lies. If your intuition is telling you something is off listening to it. It is always right. Men that are straight and are not hiding anything or the other woman don’t need to lie. Plain and simple.” By: Kathy Prendeville RSVP: