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There are many reasons why marriages can fail. The most common is infidelity. Can your marriage survive after cheating ? The quick and fast answer is 100% yes. Of course, it depends a lot on the circumstances (is he really sorry, was it multiple times, multiple people, etc.) People cheat for different reasons. Here are [...]


For us women, cheating is unforgivable and does not bear thinking about. Women are emotional creatures. We see sex as an emotional and love filled act. Men can see sex as simply a physical act and nothing more. They can be unattached and view it as just a physical thing. This is partly because the [...]


Sometimes in a relationship you have a hunch that something may be wrong. If you think your partner is lying, then this is when it is ok to check your partner’s phone. Ultimately, I think this is more an instinct issue than a trust issue. Anyone that I have known that has gone through their [...]



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